Famous People and Military Style Education

Famous People and Military Style Education

Famous People and Military Style EducationFamous People and Military Style Education

The meaning of military style education for Milites Dei Academy (MDA) is threefold, namely:

i) To up-skill those individuals that are already in the industry both private security and military by adding various civil accredited qualifications.

ii) To offer a gap year to students before they continue studies at universities with the added benefit that these students will for the rest of their life have a good military style basis.

iii) To offer an opportunity to people that always wanted action and a readiness for anything that life presents to them and note that MDA teaches students how to survive, be strong, fit, etc.

All three of the focus areas above instil precision, honour and toughness in the student and thus, this type of person will approach everything in life from that perspective. Consequently, such a person becomes a major asset for any company or organisation in any industry. Businesses have respect for individuals that comes from a military school.

Over the years, there have been many famous people who went to a military school and celebrities who went to military school did so for a variety of reasons. Some famous military school alumni went on to have successful acting careers while other famous people who went to military school are athletes. A few celebrity military school alumni even went in to politics. [Also, refer to https://www.ranker.com/list/famous-military-school-alumni/celebrity-lists].

Donald Trump was once a cadet at the New York Military Academy. He first entered the school at the age of 13. Owen Wilson attended the New Mexico Military Institute. JD Salinger reportedly used his time at Valley Forge Military Academy as inspiration for his book, The Catcher in the Rye. Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim attended New York Military Academy. Ward Burton graduated from Hargrave Military Academy as a first lieutenant. Conrad Hilton attended Goss Military Institute and New Mexico. In an interview, Larry Fitzgerald said:

“I was a piss-poor student in high school. Didn’t apply myself at all. Very average. Just did enough to get by. Thought I was going to be able to just slide by on good looks and charm, which didn’t work. That’s what landed me at Valley Forge Military Academy.”

In the United Kingdom, another long list of famous people attended military schools such as senior generals (Sir Archibald Nye and Gary Coward), famous musicians (Henry Lazarus), sportsmen (Maurice Colclough), many leading academic scientists (Professors Paul Shaw, Timothy Foster and Mark Gardiner) and clergymen (James Jones and Bill Ind) and a long list of decorated armed forces personnel.


Thus, way wait enrol now at Milites Dei Academy.

Also look at the MDA Facebook page for what awaits you when you enrol at this exclusive military style academy:




Best Time To Study

Best Time To Study

This time of the year is the best time to study at Milites Dei Academy (MDA) because of the weather. The weather is ideal, not too cold and not too hot.

In addition, this is the last semester of the year.

Change your life now at this exclusive military style academy. MDA focusses on each individual to make a success of each student’s life.

Furthermore, action and excitement awaits you. You will not only test your own limits but learn and practice everyday. Most importantly, MDA is both PSIRA as well as SASSETA registered. Therefore, you can rest assure that accredited qualifications are included in your course at MDA.

The picture in this blog shows what awaits you.

You can also look on the academy’s Facebook page to see for yourself that this academy is the best and is truly exclusive:


CONTACT US FOR THE PRICES OF EACH COURSE AND THE APPLICATION FORMS: Mobile: +27 81 478 8018 / 0817040276 / 0812342310 Tel/Fax: +27 13 749 0004 E-mail: amareza@militesdei.com


Five Courses on Offer – Second Semester Registration Open

At Milites Dei Academy Five Courses on Offer:

No.1 Risk Solutions Operative…the student also earns a salary for 12 months.

No2. Three Months Specialist Operative…again the student earns a salary for three months.

No3. One month Anti-Poaching Special Forces Ranger.

No4.  National Certificate: General Security Practices, over contact sessions of 2/3 days for 9 months or 4 contact sessions of 5 days.

No5. FETC: Specialist Security Practices, over contact sessions of 2/3 days for 9 months or 4 contact sessions of 5 days.

In all the courses accommodation, meals and uniform are included and MDA actively assists each successful student to find employment after studies.

You can also make your studies affordable through a study loan.

Once you complete, you get the opportunity to work in the following fields: Cruise Ships, CPO, VIP Protection, Private Investigation, Undercover Agent, Trackers, Security in Mines, CIT, Anti-Poaching Special Force Ranger and Specialist Operative.

Registration for the second semester is now officially open. Change your life now.

Feel free to contact MDA and also look at the many activities of students while studying on the following Facebook Pages:



Exclusive Military Style Education and Training

Exclusive Military Style Education and Training

New Accredited Courses

SASSETA Accredited Courses

SASSETA Accredited Courses

Milites Dei Academy has new accredited courses on offer. These courses are ideal for people working in the security industry or just employed at the moment but who is thinking of changing their careers. Thus, you can keep your job and still study at MDA.

The courses are presented in contact sessions. The courses are also fully accredited at SASSETA. The two qualifications are:

  • National Certificate: General Security Practices, Total Credits 124, Qualification Code 58577
  • Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Specialist Security Practices, Total Credits 137, Qualification Code 57713

This courses are approached from a military style perspective. Thus, when you study, you will stay in accommodation with meals per day and uniform included. With that we incorporate the MDA military style training, where you will be a part of the flag rise, morning exercises as well as drilling and practical military style skills. This in return, allows you to boost your experience and expertise so that you become a security official that operates with military precision, honour and toughness.

Both the qualifications will lead to exciting opportunities within the security industry in South Africa as well as promotion opportunities.

You can also look at the MDA Facebook Page for pictures of students that was at MDA and is still completing their courses:




SASSETA Accredited

SASSETA Accredited


Milites Dei Academy is proud to announce that the academy has received SASSETA Accreditation. The accreditation number of MDA at SASSETA is 171999692736. Also see http://www.sasseta.org.za/index.php?page=providerlist.

To be accredited by SASSETA means that MDA must adhere to the quality provision of skills development and qualifications for South African citizens in the safety and security environment.

It is thus the aim of MDA to do exactly that. To offer Military Style Education and Training so that students after completing there studies can be employed in the upmarket private security industry.

Students are taught to complete all tasks and subjects with military style precision, honour and toughness. See the Facebook pages for more detail at:

  • http://www.facebook.com/SPECIALIST.OPERATIVE
  • http://www.facebook.com/MDA.APU.SF

MDA offers three courses that links with the courses below, namely:

  • One-month anti-poaching special forces ranger;
  • Three-months specialist operative; and
  • One-year risk solutions operative.

The year course is a very comprehensive course.

Within the SASSETA accreditation, MDA can offer the following full qualifications:

Qualification Code Qualification Description Total Credits
58577 National Certificate: General Security Practices 124
57713 Further Education and Training Certificate: Specialist Security Practices 137

Precision Honour Toughness

Precision Honour Toughness

Precision Honour Toughness

At Milites Dei Academy students are motivated to strive towards the perfection of three creeds, namely precision, honour and toughness.

  1. Precision The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. For example “The deal was planned and executed with military precision”.
synonyms: exactness, exactitude, accuracy, accurateness, correctness, preciseness, clarity, clearness, distinctness; faithfulness, fidelity; care, carefulness, meticulousness, scrupulousness, punctiliousness, particularity, methodicalness, perfection, rigour, rigorousness, nicety

“A technique which examines and identifies each and everything with the highest level of precision”. 

  1. Honour High respect; great esteem. For example “You are an honour to our profession”.
synonyms: distinction, privilege, glory, tribute, kudos, cachet, prestige, fame, renown, merit, credit, importance, illustriousness, notability; respect, esteem, approbation

The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right. For example “I must as a matter of honour avoid any taint of dishonesty”.

synonyms: integrity, honourableness, honesty, uprightness, ethics, morals, morality, principle, (high) principles, righteousness, rectitude, nobility, high-mindedness, right-mindedness, noble-mindedness; virtue, goodness, decency, probity, scrupulousness, worthiness, worth, fairness, justness, justice, truthfulness, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, faithfulness, fidelity
  1. Toughness Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling.
synonyms: durable, strong, resilient, resistant, sturdy, rugged, firm, solid, substantial, sound, stout, indestructible, unbreakable, hard, rigid, stiff, inflexible, toughened; hard-wearing, long-lasting, heavy-duty, well built, made to last

Able to endure hardship or pain. For example “We had a vasbyt for 13 days in a row”.

synonyms: resilient, strong, hardy, gritty, determined, resolute, dogged, stalwart; rugged, fit, robust, powerful, red-blooded, doughty; hardened, cynical, hard-bitten; informal hard, (as) tough as old boots

o   Having the confidence and determination to cope in difficult situations.

o   Difficult and requiring determination or effort.

synonyms: arduous, onerous, difficult, demanding, hard, heavy, taxing, burdensome, tiring, exhausting, punishing, wearying, fatiguing, laborious, strenuous, exacting, troublesome, formidable, stressful, Herculean

Demonstrating a strict and uncompromising approach. For example “Police have been getting tough with criminals”.

synonyms: strict, stern, severe, hard, harsh, firm, hard-hitting, adamant, inflexible, unyielding, unbending, uncompromising, unsentimental, unsympathetic; merciless, ruthless, callous, hard-hearted, uncaring, cold, cool, stony, stony-hearted, flinty; informal hard-nosed, hard-boiled; informal badass

All in A Day at Milites Dei Academy

The pictures below shows all that can happen in a day at Milites Dei Academy. ”All in a Day” means that students are prepared every day within a variety of skills and accredited courses to operate as specialist operatives.

Everything that the student masters at MDA put them into a special class of individuals. Milites Dei Academy students are highly sought after in the upmarket security industry because they do everything they participate in with military precision.

Milites Dei Academy provides Military Style Education and Training that are:

  • Elite;
  • Extraordinary; and
  • Exclusive.

Milites Dei Academy students walk out of the MDA as full-rounded, focused, mature, strong and equipped individuals that understands routine, discipline, structure, tradition and fitness. They are ‘beyonders’.

If you want to become part of this special group of individuals, contact us at

Milites Dei Academy

PSIRA No. 2758028

PHYSICAL ADDRESS – Part 51 Peebles, White River, 1240

POSTAL ADDRESS – Postnet Suite # 396, Private Bag X 9910, White River, 1240

TELEPHONE AND FAX – Mobile: 0814788018, Fax: +27 13 749 0004

E-mail: amareza@militesdei.com

Website: http://www.militesdei.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SPECIALIST.OPERATIVE/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MDA.APU.SF/

All in A Day at Milites Dei Academy

All in A Day at Milites Dei Academy

Registration for 2018 Still Open

Registration at Milites Dei Academy is still open. Students are also slowly arriving one by one. When you are ready and your application forms was filled and send back to MDA and your fees was paid, you can join MDA immediately.

The qualifications and skills that you will obtain at MDA will lead you into a very exiting career as a specialist operative.

An added benefit is that you earn a salary while you study the three months course at MDA. Already after the three months, students are actively assisted to find employment in the following areas:

  • On cruise ships, private yachts and cargo ships;
  • As private investigators;
  • Anti-poaching units;
  • Security at mines, lodges and 5-star hotels;
  • Farm security;
  • Under-cover agents;
  • Assets in transit;
  • At big international security companies;
  • As trackers;
  • Students can also start their own security companies and complete freelance risk solutions.

For those that are brave of heart, a nine-months risk solutions operative course is awaiting which includes training such as team tactical, hostage negotiation, parachuting, FPOS; forensics; demolition, NKP; marksman, facial recognition and the list goes on.

Milites Dei Academy is also not a fake academy but is registered with PSIRA.

You can contact us at:

Milites Dei Academy – PSIRA No. 2758028


Part 51 Peebles

White River



PostNet Suite # 396

Private Bag X 9910

White River



Mobile: 0814788018
Fax: +27 13 749 0004
E-mail: amareza@militesdei.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SPECIALIST.OPERATIVE/

Registration for 2018 Still Open

Registration for 2018 Still Open

Camouflage and Deception in Water

Camouflage and Deception in Water as part of the Military Style Education and Training at Milites Dei Academy.

Camouflage in water is an important skill at Milites Dei Academy. The reason is that security operatives need new ways of taking criminals to task. Criminals need to be surprised in an attempt to either gather evidence and/or make an arrest.

The French slang word camouflage came into common English usage during World War I when the concept of visual deception developed into an essential part of modern military tactics. In that war, long-range artillery and observation from the air combined to expand the field of fire, and camouflage was widely used to decrease the danger of being targeted or to enable surprise. As such, military camouflage is a form of military deception.

Camouflage was first practiced in simple form in the mid 18th century by jäger- or rifle units. Their tasks required them to be inconspicuous, and they were issued green and later other drab colour uniforms.

The Milites Dei Academy (MDA) Students had to practice using camouflage and then create the deception that there is no person in the foliage and/or water.

Deception, the employment of trickery or guile, is equal parts art and science. It is typically defined as “causing another to believe what is not true; to mislead or ensnare” (Webster’s, 1999).

Thus, when looking at the photographs below, one easily believe that you just see water or just see foliage, yet a student is actually just well-camouflaged and concealed.

Also see the MDA Facebook page for more exciting and absolutely brilliant skills included in the courses on offer.

Camouflage in Water

Military Style Education High Lights December 2017

Military Style Education High Lights December 2017

Students are already working when study the military style education and training at Milites Dei Academy. The programme, although at a slower pace during the December season, continues and students still have to prepare for inspection, explore the area and complete surveillance exercises.

Yet, at least a x-mas dinner was served to staff and students. The lunch was short for some as they soon had to leave to commence with the risk solution jobs at luxury lodges.

See all the Facebook posts of the MDA student activities at http://www.facebook.com/SPECIALIST.OPERATIVE

See pictures below of some of the activities during December 2017.

Military Style Education High Lights December 2017

Military Style Education High Lights December 2017