Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined

Being strong, intelligent and disciplined at Milites Dei Academy are created through the following daily military style education and training  activities:

  • PT and Gym as well as challenges such as long distances to walk, tracking and the famous “dirties”;
  • The vast number of skills and accredited qualifications that presents knowledge to students; and
  • Daily routine helps students to do everything with precision, honour and a sense of urgency.

You may ask yourself, why does Milites Dei Academy do this? The answer is quite simply, namely to give students the means to have a successful future. People that comes from a military style background are not only preferred by any industry but they are also brave and honourable.

The previous blog talks about famous and successful people that came from military style schools. Some of the reasons why these individuals are so successful is because they tend to have persistence, they never give up, they approach everything with precision, they have many solutions for challenges  and they have discipline.

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Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined Individuals

Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined Individuals