3 Months Military Style Basic Training

Milites Dei Academy (M.D.A.) students already find employment after the Three Months Specialist Operative Training,  as expert security operators, such as anti-poaching, they keep companies’ goods safe in troubled areas, and they can track the spoor of intruders. The list goes on.

After the Three Months, the student can continue in one or more of the following – on goods vessels on sea, fly drones to identify security risks, keep VIPs and dignitaries safe, keep tourists on ships safe, use dogs to identify bombs and drugs, identify evidence at crime scenes, keep oil rigs safe and jump out of aeroplanes to pursue criminals, do action photography and/or become a helicopter or fixed wing pilot.

Milites Dei Academy is outside White River, Mpumalanga and students stay in residence when they study. You will see us on Google Maps…just type in Milites Dei Academy. Students come from all over SA. So you just need to travel to Nelspruit or White River or KMIA and there the instructors will pick you up and take you to the academy.

The Map: https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/Milites+Dei+Academy/@-25.192743,31.0557572,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1ee82f498b237737:0x137b85527cece463!8m2!3d-25.192743!4d31.0579459

The Three Months Basics Course cost is R57242 and included are:

3 Month employment contract while you study, you will earn a minimum wage of R3414.00 per month.

59+ Subjects in  Military Style Modules, Management Modules, Security Modules, Extreme Fitness, Stay In Residence, 3 Meals Per Day, Uniform, Gear, Work Experience and Assistance to Find a new Job after the 3 months training.

The age is 17 and older. Our present oldest student is 34. We do take older students as well. The industry appoints people deep into their 40’s.

If you have any other inquiries feel free to contact us via e-mail amareza@militesdei.com or FACEBOOK