Personal Security and Safety

We do Personal Security Courses for People in Cities as groups and Farm Security for people living on farms.

These courses are 14 days long and include: Personal Safety, Circles of Defence, Situational Awareness, Hand 2 Hand Combat (CQC), Firearms and firearm Safety, When can you shoot (Legal), Hostile Environment, House and Room Clearing, Combat Tracking, Evasion Assault and Recovery, Survival Preparation,  Rule of 4 and Rule of 7… to name a few Request or book your training by sending an e-mail to :

Team Building

Team Building

Staffs participate in a half-day team-building course.

All the exercises take place in our private bush “Bush Camp Echo”.

Although there is a lesson to learn within each exercise, it is still much fun and very enjoyable.

The course starts with a Bush Picnic and Safety Briefing.

We do eight exercises that address the following:

  • Cooperation Exercises

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence

Our Hiking Trails

We do area mapping and hiking trail layout and development of new trails on request.

We will map your new trail with GPS coordinates and map existing trails.

We do Wildlife and Equestrian trails, Quad or motorcycle trails and hiking trails.

To have your trail mapped or developed feel free to Contact Barney for appointment.

Bush Path Walking Trail