How Orientation Works at Milites Dei Academy?

All prospective students go through an orientation when they start studying at Milites Dei Academy. This is not a pre-selection but rather an evaluation about the present fitness levels and phobias of each student. Thus, the main aim of the orientation is to inform the instructors about the capability of each student which in turn informs the instructors of the development plan that each student should go through.

Obviously, it will assist each student if they can already can run a 2.4 km under 13 minutes and do a certain number of sit-ups, but, we did in many instances assisted a student that was totally unfit to become extremely fit within the training period. This is possible because each individual is guided, coached and mentored on their specific fitness level/s.

Please inquire to be part of this group by email to receive your registration package.

Ask us for a quote that lists the courses and prices included in the the Milites Dei Academy packages.

We only have space for a few students per months because we find employment for each of our students.

Once you have received the application forms, print and fill in the quote, application and indemnity forms and then scan it back to us ASAP to qualify for each intake. You have a lot of paperwork to get back to us and complete. What we need from you:

The Terms and Conditions are as follows: (1) Matric is not compulsory (2) Three months full time study in residency – unless you also choose the electives (3) Just be 17-35yrs old and finished with school, we do take older students as well (4) Students from any Sub-Sahara African States can apply (5) Grade12’s can also apply (6) Basic English reading and writing skills (7) Class Fees are payable upfront

Where to get money?
If you thought you could not afford to get qualifications, we have good news for you. It will only cost you +/-R2700 per month if you take the study loan from Eduloan/Fundi for R57242 over 36 months for instance. The contact details for Eduloan/Fundi is: Precious Contact Numbers 013 752 6310 / 060 641 9515; Regional Manager : Mary Maponya 083 944 0362 Or about +/-R2000 if you borrow the money from a bank. We hear that Capitec is much cheaper.

The Milites Dei Way
Milites Dei creates brain brilliance with a combination of IQ and EQ in a military style environment.

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