Life Changing Experiences

Life Changing Experiences

Success Magazine explains (2018) “If you desire something greater for yourself, don’t put off your plans to change until some later date.

Do it now, enroll now at Milites Dei Academy. At the academy your life will change. You will become strong, tough and precise.

Open the doors to your success through military style training and accredited qualifications.

The qualifications and skills that you will obtain at MDA will lead you into a very exiting career as a specialist operative. An added benefit is that you earn a salary while you study the three months course at MDA. Already after the three months, students are actively assisted to find employment in the following areas:

·      On cruise ships, private yachts and cargo ships;

·      As private investigators;

·      Anti-poaching units;

·      Security at mines, lodges and 5-star hotels;

·      Farm security;

·      Under-cover agents;

·      Assets in transit;

·      At big international security companies based in SA and Africa;

·      As trackers;

·      Start your own security company; and complete freelance risk solutions.

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Life Changing Experiences

PSIRA and SASSETA Accredited