Achieve Career Excellence at Milites Dei Academy

Achieve Career Excellence

Achieve Career Excellence – Photo by Jonothan-Hen-Boisen

Lowvelder Newspaper (2019) writes “Milites Dei Academy (MDA) specialises in educating students in a military-style environment. This enables the students to work in Anti-Poaching as well as Cruise- and Cargo ships as security or in Private Investigations and the Specialised Private security industry…Students are required to live at the academy while completing their studies. On a daily basis, students will participate in expertly guided military simulated activities, training and education. They will learn to master bungalow inspections, a drill routine, raising the flag, physical exercises, close quarter combat and many military style skills subjects such as map work, fire and movement and ambushing.”  [You can read more on]


  • One Year Risk Solutions Specialist Operative (Vast number of qualifications included VIP, SWAT, Diving, Parachuting, Dog Handling, PSIRA, Etc.)    
  •  Three Months Specialist Operative (PSIRA, Fire Arms, Military Style, Business, Etc.); This is the most popular course because it leads to good employment   
  •  Further Education and Training Certificate: Specialist Security Practices (Suitable for people already in the security industry that wants to progress into supervisory positions and it is a part-time course)   
  •  National Certificate: General Security Practices (Suitable for people already working in security but who does not have a grade12; also it is a part-time option.)  
  •  One Month Anti-Poaching Special Forces Ranger (If you love wildlife and love to protect animals at game lodges and reserves.)      
  • PSIRA Grades E to A, CIT, Armed Response, Hotel – and Retail Security, Private Investigations, Etc.


PSIRA Day Classes

PSIRA Day Classes

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Milites Dei Academy – The Safest Place to Be

Milites Dei Academy is probably the safest place you can be…because students are taught to keep senior citizens, babies and children safe…society in general.

Staff and students must adhere to the legal requirements of the Private Security Regulatory Authority of South Africa (PSIRA). PSIRA explains that The Mandate of PSIRA derives from the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001. The primary objective of the Authority is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself.” [Read more on]

Thus, staff are officers of the law because they are registered with PSIRA. The PSIRA Act continues “A security service provider may not act in any manner that threatens or poses an unreasonable risk to the public order or safety.’ PSIRA is very specific about this and explains “Every security service provider must endeavour to prevent crime, effectively protect persons and property and refrain from conducting himself or herself in a manner which will or may in any manner whatsoever further or encourage the commission of an offence or which may unlawfully endanger the safety or security of any person or property.” [See]

Students obtain their PSIRA status within the 1st month of studies.

PSIRA is very specific to the adherence of officers regarding crime, narcotics, and all unlawful practices. Hence at Milites Dei Academy, none such activities are allowed and staff and students are guided by this daily.

Furthermore, staff and students are guided by an internal Code of Conduct and Creed. A section from the Milites Dei Academy Creed states: “…Safety is my way of life. Nothing is worth its compromise. No fight is so important, no actions is so essential, and no activity that pressing…All shall look to me for the standard of Precision-Honour-Toughness…Always will I keep myself mentally alert, substance free, physically fit, and morally straight. I represent the image of Milites Dei Academy. I cannot lose the confidence entrusted in me as a Person and I will not tolerate those who do…Professionalism is my trademark…”

In conclusion, at the academy, you will find staff and students with honesty, integrity and they serve as proud examples of fair and just behaviour. They are the proud bearers of PSIRA’s Mandate.

These same students are employed by the security industry and thus they just continue to protect, serve and abide as ethical members of society…looking after young and old…after all members of society.

Milites Dei Academy - The Safest Place to Be

Milites Dei Academy – The Safest Place to Be

Critical Mission: Taking Out Snares

Critical Mission: Taking Out Snares

Critical Mission: Taking Out Snares

Critical Mission: Taking Out Snares

On Sunday 10 October 2018, staff at Milites Dei Academy saw a beautiful Rooiduiker or Red Duiker, scientifically known as Cephalophus Natalensis. The Red Duiker is smaller than the Common Duiker. Standing, it is 420mm at the shoulders and has a mass of 12 Kg. The upper parts are a deep chestnut-red and the lower parts of the flanks and under parts are a pale chestnut colour. The nape and throat turn ash-grey as the animal ages. Both sexes carry short, straight horns. The horns have coarse basal rings and longitudinal striations, but are smooth towards the tips. In South Africa the Red Duiker is classified as rare.

Students, thus, had the mission to track the animal’s spoor in an attempt to also find snares so that the animal do not get hunted by poachers. The picture above shows how small the spoor is. Farmers Weekly ( explains that “tracking is the art of following a spoor, which may include tracks, scents, blood spatter, scat and broken foliage.”

Fight for Rhinos writes “Patience and a eye for detail is required not only to find this spoor but also to find snares. Poaching, an ongoing global threat to wildlife, usually brings to mind bad guys with guns and machetes intent on stealing rhino horns and elephant tusks. But another poaching method, silent, yet just as deadly are snares. Relatively easy to come by telephone or cable wire is used to trap whatever comes into its path. While some animals caught in snares will end up in the cooking pot, as many as an estimated 90% will be left to rot in the bush  -Nick Tucker: Horror of Snares, Africa Geographic”. [Read more on].

At Milites Dei Academy, students learn this skill and much more. Once qualified they are able to get a job in any of the following fields:

  • On cruise ships, private yachts and cargo ships;
  • As private investigators;
  • Anti-poaching units;
  • Security at mines, lodges and 5-star hotels;
  • Farm security;
  • Under-cover agents;
  • Assets in transit;
  • At big international security companies based in SA and Africa;
  • As trackers;
  • Students can also start their own security companies and complete freelance risk solutions.

You can also see in picture format (and 1000’s of pictures) on the Facebook Page what students learn and master at this exclusive Military Style Academy that offers Education, Training and Accredited Qualifications:

Exclusive Military Style Education and Accredited Qualifications

Exclusive Military Style Education and Accredited Qualifications

Life Changing Experiences

Life Changing Experiences

Success Magazine explains (2018) “If you desire something greater for yourself, don’t put off your plans to change until some later date.

Do it now, enroll now at Milites Dei Academy. At the academy your life will change. You will become strong, tough and precise.

Open the doors to your success through military style training and accredited qualifications.

The qualifications and skills that you will obtain at MDA will lead you into a very exiting career as a specialist operative. An added benefit is that you earn a salary while you study the three months course at MDA. Already after the three months, students are actively assisted to find employment in the following areas:

·      On cruise ships, private yachts and cargo ships;

·      As private investigators;

·      Anti-poaching units;

·      Security at mines, lodges and 5-star hotels;

·      Farm security;

·      Under-cover agents;

·      Assets in transit;

·      At big international security companies based in SA and Africa;

·      As trackers;

·      Start your own security company; and complete freelance risk solutions.

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Life Changing Experiences

PSIRA and SASSETA Accredited


The Place

The Place

The Place or the area of Milites Dei Academy is very special because of the following reasons:

  1. It is in a big conservancy called Jock of the Bushveld;
  2. A Jock of the Bushveld Statue is situated on the academy premises and a Historical Society recently visited the academy – see the photograph below;
  3. The academy is situated on a 84 hectare property;
  4. The students do training in the Peebles Valley which is more than 8000 hectare;
  5. Various farm dams are available;
  6. There are two accredited shooting ranges.
  7. The academy is surrounded by various macadamia farmers, such as Khuvuka, Mukwa and Deon Kotzee;
  8. Close to the academy, guests can find various guest houses such as Loerieskloof Boskamp, Near2Numbi, Petra Luxury Lodge and Conference Centre, umSisi House; and Mukwa Farm.
  9. Part of the valley are various community outreach companies such as Hands at Work, African School of Missions (ASM) and Petra; and
  10. A macadamia processing plant, called Khuvuka Max.

Khuvuka Max is an on farm Macadamia Processing Facility in the well developed macadamia production region of South Africa: Mpumalanga. Khuvuka translated from SiSwati means “awakening” or “rising up”. Macs is a household abbreviation for macadamias and we chose to attach to our brand the homophone abbreviation; Max (pushing the limits), to indicate the energy and effort we muster in bringing about something new and exciting to the market of macadamias, and the development thereof. We are not just another “Mac” – we do things differently than most “Macs”. [Read more on].

The Joe Winter Memorial Shooting Range was built and is operated by Ryan Winter who has a strong background in Law enforcement and the security milieu in South Africa. The range has been constructed in accordance with the specifications & standards set by the NRCS (previously SABS). They cater for responsible, licenced fire arms owners and provide a venue where they can enjoy using their firearms at a recreational level. There is a 25 meter handgun/shotgun range, a 100m rifle range, a 200 meter sighting range and a sporting clay pigeon range. They are in the process of constructing a second handgun / small-arms range for the security companies and trainers out there who need an accredited range on which their students can be put through their paces. [Read more on].

ASM has 30 years training experience to get YOU into the mission field of your choice, whether it be a foreign country or your own community and workplace. ASM graduates have served in over 55 countries and many visit ASM regularly to share their experience with students. [Read more on].

Hands at Work, envision the local Church in Africa effectively caring for the dying, orphaned children and widows, and unified in this mission with the Church outside Africa. Their mission is to, through relationship with the local Church in Africa, challenge, encourage, develop and support the ministry of servanthood among those in need in their community through holistic care. They believe the Biblical mandate to care for the dying, widows and orphaned is not only for the Church in Africa, but also elsewhere. Hands at Work will be a prophetic voice to churches outside Africa, challenging them to fulfil their mandate. [Read more on].

Loerieskloof Boskamp is a self-catering facility set in a beautiful bush camp surrounded with wildlife. [Read more on].

Mukwa (Wild Teak) “Pterocarpus Angolensis” native to Southern Africa and Mukwa is situated in the heart of the “Jock of the Bushveld” nature conservancy within 20 minutes from the famous Kruger National Park, Numbi Gate, in Mpumalanga. Only 23km from the new Kruger Park International Airport and 18km from the town of White River, Mukwa Farm Lodge offers the ideal location to experience the beautiful and exciting Lowveld of South Africa. [Read more on].

Petra Mountain Retreat and Conference Centre is a Christian resort nestled on the ridge of Legogote Mountain in the scenic Mpumalanga Lowveld. We offer the perfect retreat for individuals who want to escape the pressure of everyday life; relax, unwind and take the time to cultivate your relationship with God.

Petra’s unique position, tranquil setting and spectacular views make it the ideal place to refresh the body and uplift the spirit. A place of Christian worship and prayer, Petra provides church groups and ministry teams with the ideal venue for Christian Retreats and the opportunity to engage with one another and with God. Although primarily a Christian centre, it also provides an ideal stop over for the many tourists who visit our beautiful part of God’s creation, and is a short 15 minute drive from the Kruger Park. [Read more on].

Near2Numbi – Founded in 1985 the establishment is a delightful fusion of a hospitality establishment cum theological college whose vision it is “to equip Christ-followers to take the gospel to the nations”. N2N also serves as a ‘base of operations’ for many church groups, outreach programmes and Biblical training programmes run by prominent international ministry groups such as The Emmaus Walk Group, World Outreach, Trinity College USA and others. [Read more on].

umSisi House is set in 60 hectares of pristine bush, within the Jock of the Bushveld Conservancy, umSisi House is strategically located in the Peebles Valley between the town of White River and the Numbi Gate entrance to the southern Kruger National Park (20 minutes away). Here we offer a personal service that only a small, privately owned and managed, five-star, country house villa and gourmet getaway can provide. umSisi House is the perfect destination for groups of friends and family wishing to visit South Africa’s Kruger Lowveld region, the Panorama Route and enjoy the many adventure activities available in the immediate area. The house only caters for private groups (between 2 and 10 people) on an exclusive-use basis offering a choice of rates to include dinner, bed and breakfast, fully inclusive or self-catering. [Read more on].

Milites Dei Academy is outside White River, Mpumalanga (close to the Kruger National Park) in Jock of the Bushveld Conservancy and students stay in residence when they study. You will see us on Google Maps…just type in Milites Dei Academy. Students come from all over SA. So you just need to travel to Nelspruit or White River or Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and there the instructors will pick you up and take you to the academy. Alternatively, you can come with your own car or parents/family can drop the student. The Map available on 25°11’36.2″S 31°03’27.8″E.

You can also visit the Milites Dei Academy Facebook Page on

The Place

The Place

Reflection from Dubai

A Reflection from Dubai by Asad Khan an ex-Milites Dei Student

Asad enrolled at the academy and for the staff and students Asad is a remarkable young man. The letter below is written by Asad and the letter is a testimonial of Asad’s abilities and strengths.

My Experience at MDA:
If I had to describe my experience at MDA in one word, I would say it was Incredible! It’s been just over a week since I left the camp and I still feel so attached to the place, the people and the routines.

Over the past 12 months I’ve travelled to Asia, Europe and Africa on a quest to broaden my understanding of wildlife conservation, from rescuing and rehabilitating Seals in the Netherlands to working with various Primates in Thailand. I’ve walked through marshlands, mangrove swamps, ancient rainforests, vast deserts and through the African bush trying to figure out what the most efficient way to protect our wildlife would be.

One common problem kept reoccurring. The human-animal conflict.
By definition the Human-Animal conflict is ‘any interaction between animals and humans that causes harm, whether it is to the human (and their resources) or the animal (and their habitat).
From my observation and research its usually the animals that get the short end of the stick in these exchanges. The more I delved into the human animal conflict the more I heard about poaching and the more I understood the implications of what poaching actually meant.
While on this journey I got accepted to a Masters course in Wildlife Conservation and Drone Technology at  Liverpool John Moores University. With my mind on poaching I realised that’s what I wanted my main focus to be on so I scoured the internet looking for anywhere I could go and learn more about poaching and what is being done to stop it and that’s when I came across the Milites Dei Anti-poaching Special forces course. I immediately emailed Amareza and she responded just as quick, I had a few questions and concerns which she helped clarify and before I knew it I was sat in the back of a bakkie (pickup truck) making my way up a dirt road to the Academy.

I could go on about what we did all day at MDA or how it was challenging but that isn’t the point of this post, I want to share what I left MDA with.

For one, a huge misconception I had about ‘discipline’ and ‘freedom’ was cleared up; Let me explain, Inspection was the worst part of the day for me, I saw no point in arranging my cutlery on my bed in a certain OCD-esque manner day after day but it was something we had to do everyday regardless. What that instills in you is a sense of ‘you got to do what you got to do’ (for a lack of a better way of phrasing that) now small chores around the house which I would ponder over and would usually put off till later, I do them immediately and that in turn gives me a sense of freedom as its another small thing that I don’t have to worry about anymore.
I learnt how to push my limits at MDA. I thought I was pushing myself previously but I learnt I could push myself a lot further and deal with things in a better manner, I don’t just mean physically but mentally too, It is hard to explain in words but there is a certain calm you reach after you pass your threshold its an almost meditative state.

I could go on about all the things I learnt about my self while I was at MDA but I’m going to skip to my favourite part about the Academy; The people, I got to experience pretty much every culture of South Africa under one roof and what made the experience even more beautiful was the fact that everyone was there for a singular purpose, to better themselves and to create a better future for their families, communities and country. Everyone helping each other regardless of their race, colour, religion it really felt like a family.

I think anyone that’s looking for a new experience, regardless of if you are interested in Anti-poaching, being a specialist operative or whatever else courses MDA offers, if you want to learn about yourself or about what your limits are do a month or more at MDA and you will leave with a better understanding of yourself and what you are capable of.
I’d like extend my gratitude to the Staff at MDA that went out of their way to accommodate my dietary and spiritual needs, I’ve worked with many organisations and I’ve never experienced any that have taken so much care of me, for that I would like to thank Aunty Amareza and Uncle Barney.
Finally I’d like to thank all my fellow squad mates, without you guys my experience wouldn’t have been anything close to as awesome as it was, you helped me fit in and get used to the routines taught me about your cultures and languages and took interest in mine, at MDA you make friendships for life. Another one 😉
Reflection from Dubai

Reflection from Dubai by Asad Mohammad Khan

Military Style Training and Education

Military Style Training and Education

At Milites Dei Academy (MDA), students stay at the academy while studying. MDA, furthermore, specializes in educating students in a military-style environment. This means that daily the student will participate in expertly guided military simulated activities, training and education, such as:

  • Flag Rise;
  • Drill;
  • Physical Exercises;
  • Close Quarter Combat;
  • Military Style Skills Subjects (i.e.: Map Work, Fire and Movement; Ambushing, etc.);
  • Gym;
  • Bungalow Inspections; and
  • Special Projects.

The above is to name a few activities. Most importantly, students add most valuable lessons and virtues to their personal skills sets, and again to name a few – precision, honour, patience, decision-making and toughness.

The type of student that finishes their studies at this exclusive academy, is equipped to face any challenge that might face them in their future life.

CONTACT MDA FOR THE PRICES OF EACH COURSE AND THE APPLICATION FORMS: Mobile: +27 81 478 8018 / 0817040276 / 0812342310 Tel: +27 13 749 0004 E-mail:

You can also look at the various posts, photos and albums to see what happens at this exclusive military style academy on Facebook:

Military Style Training and Education

Military Style Training and Education


Patience in a Military Style School

Patience in a Military Style School

The dictionary explains that patience means “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Campbell (2015) writes in the magazine Entrepreneur that “We’re told from a very early age that patience is a virtue. However, very few of us are ever really shown or taught how to be patient. Patience is not something we have; it is something we consciously do. Patience is like any other hard-earned discipline: The more we practice it, the more patient we become…To be successful, we need patience when it comes to employee relations, business negotiations and communications, as well as achievement of the strategic goals we’ve set. Further, we have to remain calm amid the big and small twists and turns that come with life. It is only through being patient that we can truly learn from the curveballs which get thrown in our path.” [Read more on].

At Milites Dei Academy, students learn tactical patience which basically means to act at the right moment. If you do not practice tactical patience, a criminal might elude you or you might hurt yourself or get injured. Furthermore it means that you must critically sum up a situation first before acting. This also links with decision-making, thus patiently first analysing what any action will result in before blindly going or taking action into that decision.

To summarise, be tolerant, take some time to think, and do not impatiently just go ahead into something that might result in a serious mistake.

CONTACT US FOR THE PRICES OF EACH COURSE AND THE APPLICATION FORMS: Mobile: +27 81 478 8018 / 0817040276 / 0812342310 Tel: +27 13 749 0004 E-mail:

You can also visit the MDA Facebook on:


Patience in a Military Style School

Patience in a Military Style School


Decisions and Emotions


Bradberry (2015) explains: “There’s an old saying: “Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions,” and it definitely rings true. Successful people recognize and understand their emotions (including their intensity and impact on behavior) so that they are able to look at decisions as objectively and rationally as possible.” [Read more on].

Morin (2016) in Psychology Today writes: “Ever look back at a terrible decision you’ve made and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Well, there’s actually a chance you weren’t thinking. Instead, you may have acting on emotion, not logic.” [ Read more on].

Frick (2018) noted that “To make a good decision, you need to have a sense of two things: how different choices change the likelihood of different outcomes and how desirable each of those outcomes is.” [Read more on].

At Milites Dei Academy (MDA) the virtues of honour, precision and toughness helps students to stay in control of emotions so that bad decisions do not result in something terrible. The academy’s Code of Conduct also guides the student to follow structure and discipline. A bad decision is normally made in a mille-second and could result in an injury or worse. At MDA which is first and foremost an academy for teaching and learning, this skill is practiced daily.

CONTACT US FOR THE PRICES OF EACH COURSE AND THE APPLICATION FORMS: Mobile: +27 81 478 8018 / 0817040276 / 0812342310 Tel: +27 13 749 0004 E-mail:

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Decision Making and Success

Decision Making and Success



Drill and Discipline

Drill and Discipline

Vexen writes “Many civilians and military folk like to consider discipline to be the primary role of drill. Parades, it is frequently said, are a display of discipline and in training it forms a method of instilling discipline that can be visually and physically tested. It is a widely recognize method by which you break the will of untrained civilians so that they obey orders in situations where there is no time for a debate, doubt or delay. ” Also see

At Milites Dei Academy, students regularly parades in public to display the academy as a highly trained, disciplined, and professional force.

Registration for Second Semester Now Open. Students Must Enroll from 1 July – 15 July 2018 to Secure a Space for 2018 and 2019. CONTACT US FOR THE PRICES OF EACH COURSE AND THE APPLICATION FORMS: Mobile: +27 81 478 8018 / 0817040276 / 0812342310 Tel: +27 13 749 0004 E-mail: Also see the many activities of students on Facebook:

Drill and Discipline

Drill and Discipline