Values at Milites Dei Acadamy

Values at Milites Dei Academy

Students at Milites Dei Academy are thought the following values: Integrity: Ethical Security Conduct, Fairness, Transparency; Excellence: Accountability, Professionalism, Performance; Accessibility: Respect, Academic Commitment, Skills Development and Employability.


Values according to business experts means the important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a person’s behaviour and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. Some common business values are fairness, innovation and community involvement. See more on:

It is only when all people in a business and in this instance, Milites Dei Academy staff and students, keep to the values that a visit from a regulatory authority will turn out a success.

Students prepared by spring cleaning bungalows and training grounds, staff got all paper work, offices, and classes in order and PSIRA was received with a impressive drill exercise under the auspices of Sam Sali (Gunnery Sergeant Drill and Fire Arms / Head Student Instructor Drill).

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE at Milites Dei Academy, Mr Rudzani from PSIRA was very impressed with what he saw…

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Values at Milites Dei Academy

Values at Milites Dei Academy


Exclusive Private Military Style Education

The aim of Milites Dei Academy is to stay exclusive.

The dictionary defines exclusive as:

  1. excluding or not admitting other things.
    “an exclusive focus on success and making money”
    synonyms: complete, full, entire, whole, total, absolute;

    to the exclusion of everything else
    “his exclusive concern with himself”
  2. restricted to the person, group, or area concerned.
    “the couple had exclusive possession of the flat”
    synonyms: sole, undivided, unshared, unique, only, individual, personal, private, single, especial; dedicated

    “I have reserved a room for your exclusive use”
  1. an item or story published or broadcast by only one source.
    synonyms: scoop, exposé, revelation, special, inside story;

    “the magazine’s six-page exclusive”

That means that students at Milites Dei Academy, firstly, learn different skills for the upmarket private security industry. Secondly, certain characteristics are instilled in each student such as discipline, structure, responsibility and self-sufficiency.

The themes that emerge because of the education and training at this exclusive academy are:

  • Class,
  • Elitism,
  • Traditional values, and
  • Brilliance.

The effect of the above-mentioned is highly motivated, successful and employable people.

Exclusive Private Military Education

Exclusive Private Military Education


The Best Military Style Academy

Milites Dei Academy is the best military style academy because we are serious about education. The instructors have fast experience and together in total they have 70 years experience of training young people to become successful for employment.

Education is expensive and hence it is important to make sure you pay for education that prepares you for employment and not unemployment. Most importantly, the qualifications and skills learned at Milites Dei Academy are THE BEST because of the following:

  • Dynamic;
  • Real-life;
  • Intelligent; and
  • Elite and Extraordinary.

MDA staff and head student trainers teach students to think out of the box.

When students leave the academy they are get employed as security on ships, in anti-poaching units, as private investigators, for farm security, in armed reaction, as security at grand lodges, etc.

When a MDA student goes for an interview, the job is guaranteed theirs because MDA students are clever and extremely impressive, fit, strong, and good mannered. MDA students are excellent recruits.

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The Best Military Style Academy

The Best Military Style Academy

The Best Military Style Academy

The Best Military Style Academy

Your Life in the Grown-Up World – 2017 Matriculants 

Your Life in the Grown-Up World – 2017 Matriculants 

Your life in the grown-up world will start soon and you are obviously already thinking about how you are going to earn your own income. The fact in life is that there are really a lot of jobs available but all the best of these jobs will ask you about your qualifications and experience. This is where the secret of earning good money comes in because with good qualifications, you can earn more than the average person with only a matric.

If you are not going on holiday, already start classes on 3 December 2017 or otherwise secure your space for 8 January 2018 by paying the deposit.

If you want to earn a living and a good salary by doing any or all of the following, Milites Dei Academy is the place for you: expert security operators, such as investigators, farm security, on ships, anti-poaching, they keep companies’ goods safe in troubled areas, and they can track the spoor of intruders.

Obviously, this is an action-filled career that will await you, but in the process you will become strong and fit. In addition, you will be able to face any challenge that comes your way.

If by this time you did not get into an university and you consider doing a gap year, you should seriously consider the three months training military style training at MDA. It will change your life and again you will be prepared to face anything and everything in life after MDA.

Milites Dei Academy is outside White River, Mpumalanga (close to the Kruger National Park) and students stay in residence when they study. You will see us on Google Maps…just type in Milites Dei Academy. Students come from all over SA. So you just need to travel to Nelspruit or White River or KMI and there the instructors will pick you up and take you to the academy. Or you can come with your own car.

Well Done, you are almost finished with the life as a school goer!!! Milites Dei Academy wishes you all the best of good luck for the remaining exams to be written.

You will find more detail on the MDA Facebook at –



‘The trouble with this is you don’t know what’s coming. And so you’ll spend your entire life preparing for various things, and not really be ready…Another way of preparing is learning some skills that will have you ready for just about anything that might come.’ (Read more at

At Milites Dei Academy, students are not only prepared to get employed, but also to get a survival kit of living. Basically this means that even though you are prepared for anything and everything in life, you are also highly employable because the fact of the matter is that people prefer to employ people that comes from a military style background.

Bahram Akradi (2015) states that ‘Nobody knows what the future will hold. So put your focus on the strengths that will serve you well in any reality. We live in strange and exciting times. Over the past few millennia, the rate of change has been steadily (and some would say exponentially) increasing. Humans are now seeing more significant cultural, technological, and environmental shifts occurring in the span of five years than we used to see over the course of five decades, or even five centuries.’ (Read more at

At Milites Dei Academy it is not only about being ready for change but also to be strong, by understanding how far you can stretch your own limits, and to know how to endure to the bitter end.

The picture below show students during “vasbyt” / endurance still smiling during and after 13 days of little sleep and much mental and physical challenges. What is most remarkable is the fact that after three months at the academy, students are ready for anything and everything.

You can find more evidence of the extraordinary accomplishments of the Milites Dei Academy students at:

Be Ready for Anything and Everything

Be Ready for Anything and Everything


If it’s to be, it’s up to me…

If it’s to be, it’s up to me…If you were always interested in action, to be ready for everything, to be strong, to be able to face any challenge and become what you always dreamed of. Also, do not wait – enrol now and by 2018, your life is changed and you can start in a high income career in the private upmarket security industry.

Robert H. Schuller (1998) explains that “Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, putting roadblocks of negative thinking in the path of life.” Find more about the author and book at:

A poem by Abraham, L,  illustrates this saying in detail, THE POEM is also available at,_its_up_to_me_189602

If it’s to be, it’s up to me, determination fuel with faith,
A strong desire. Not just the thoughts of good intentions alone,
Put actions in place, and follow through to the end.

Think not of the impossible until you’ve tried,
What’s the worst that can happen anyway?
When you’re trust is in God, and situations in disarray.
In ordinary circumstances one would have quit and call it a day.

Nothing comes easy; life isn’t a bed of roses, the truth everyone should hear,
I believe in miracles, and dreams can come true. Not only a matter of the heart,
But a strong desire to achieve, and be committed to the end.

If it’s to be it’s up to me SMART is a good place to start.
S – pecific
M- easurable
A – ttainable
R – ealistic
T- imely
Smart is the word a road map our guide, a good place to begin,
But we all must do our part.

The point that we are trying to make here is that it is up to you and you only to change your life. Also look at the Milites Dei Academy Facebook Page at:

If it's to be

If it’s to be


Tough, Hard and Fun

Tough, Hard and Fun

The three months course at Milites Dei Academy is “Tough, Hard and Fun”. Looking at the faces of the students in the pictures below you will notice how they enjoy their studies. To take a weapon from a criminal is tough and hard but with practice comes perfection. Obviously, to have your whole room pulled is a bit disappointing but it is all about developing an eye for detail, cleanliness, neatness and eventual perfection. To tackle your buddy in the mud always turn into great fun.

Herewith are a few comments from present students…note it is written in verbatim:

“I love Milites Dei Academy cause they treat us like family and fellow students love each other”.

“I’ve learnt a lot and have become very proficient for the security industry”.

“I like how the board himself are organised. I like how the system are created & the information & skills we receive. I like the friendly & good hearts of the Buys Instructors”.

“MDA made me realize my capabilities and taught me the essentials of military and security operations”.

“I like the way all the guys forms a brother ship and most of us gets along, the PT really helped me to build body and I am almost at my goal”.

“I really love everything we learn and experience at Milites Dei”.

“Yesterday’s presentation about politics, every citizen needs to be exposed to such truth. While we ox killing our fellow citizens (boere), while the enemy is getting improved!”

“Excellence in military training and fitness encouragement and motivation to excell in all aspects of security.”

I love MDA – it helped me a lot in every way – emotionally, physically, mentally. I’ve learned to think out of the box. I was a Jojo Tank when I came here but now my physique is on flick (proper)”.

Tough, Hard but Fun

Tough, Hard but Fun


Security On a Luxury Cruise Ship

Security On a Luxury Cruise Ship

Earn a good salary while exploring the world on luxury cruise ships. Milites Dei Academy is truly grateful that some of our successful ex-students are employed on luxury cruise ships.

To work on a luxury cruise ship is like working is a five star hotel and you are surrounded by luxury 24/7. Some of the ex-students are working as security on the MSC Cruises which ‘…is a Swiss-based, privately-owned company. From a fleet of three classic vessels in 2003, the family-run line is one of the fastest growing cruise lines in the industry, boasting 12 magnificent, ultramodern ships with the addition of two more vessels in 2017. The Mediterranean heritage that is MSC Cruises is evident in the construction philosophy and elegant design of each of the ships in this contemporary fleet, reflecting the highest standards of quality. The fleet cruises year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean as well as seasonally in Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, South Africa and Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman. In keeping with the company’s commitment to providing absolutely authentic cruise vacations, MSC Cruises has introduced Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve- an exclusive Bahamian marine reserve, offering some of the finest beaches in the world, amid an array of Caribbean-inspired experiences. Regardless of which MSC Cruise ship you sail, you will experience a world of elegance and wonder that is unparalleled.’


Also, see more about what Milites Dei Academy Students Learn While Studying at

The pictures below was taken by some of these ex-students and it is clearly a fantastic opportunity for them to see the world.

Security on Luxury Cruise Ships

Security on Luxury Cruise Ships

Ambush Exercises as Part of Military Style Teaching and Learning

Ambush Exercises

At Milites Dei Academy students learn (as part of the military style teaching and learning) through ambush exercises how to engage with criminals whether it will be to function in an anti-poaching unit or for farm security or when working in high criminal invested areas. Farmers and farming communities, for instance are at the mercy of criminals. However, security companies can make a difference and so can farmers and the communities in their areas as well.

According to Ryan Evans, ambush is one of the many techniques learned at Milites Dei Academy and it is based on the following basics: “Ambushes are classified by category – hasty or deliberate…A platoon or squad conducts a hasty ambush when it makes visual contact with an enemy force and has time to establish an ambush without being detected. The actions for a hasty ambush must be well rehearsed so that soldiers know what to do on the leader’s signal. They must also know what action to take if detected before they are ready to initiate the ambush”  (Field Manual 7-8 – Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad).” Read more on

Find more about what students learn at Milites Dei Academy on:

Ambush Exercises

Ambush Exercises

The True Value of Education

The True Value of Education

Milites Dei Academy owners believe that the true value of education should be employment. In addition, it becomes more than just employment.

Students can learn things on their own, but then they would not connect the dots when they do not know what they do not know. On the other hand, at Milites Dei Academy students learn to do and therefore classes are practical so that all subjects are practised into their muscle memory. By using education, we teach students to use their mind and bodies so that each exercise becomes like tying a shoe, which with time becomes an automatically generated muscle memory process. This free up their minds in the end so that they can creatively handle any new question that comes at them.

Martin Meyer, a Milites Dei Academy Student that recently finished his studies wrote the following in an open letter on Facebook Where do I start??? 3 months ago I started to better myself in a way I didn’t think was possible, but I was wrong. I started with a 2 month course at Milites Dei Academy. I started without knowing where the road will lead me, or how it will end, will I make it, will I prove myself worthy to be part of something more powerful, something better something bigger then just myself. I did not believe in myself at that point, because of every time I have failed in the past, but the Academy proved me wrong, after my 1st  month I was called into the office thinking I failed in a way, but it was to congratulate me for my commitment, they showed me I have what it takes to be the best, to be better, to be more powerful not just in myself, but in everything I do and i got a third month gift from the Academy. They showed me I am worthy of becoming a winner that I am a leader and i can overcome my fears and my failures. I am proud to say that I am part of a family that will do anything in there power to help and to see you succeed. To make a success of yourself. I am a proud student – instructor (major) of MILITES DEI ACADEMY. My Heart broke when I had to say farewell to my friends but not only my friends but to my brothers! We will strive for greatness, and we are CREATING BRILLIANCE! Know your training. And remember why you are pushing yourself…be proud of what you have become! I just want to say thank you for showing me the path of success and the power that I have because of what the Academy learned me.
Great and unforgettable memories. We are born to be greater then greatness. Great brother of mine told me, “do what you need to do so that you can do what you want to do.”‘

A few hours after the above comment, Martin wrote ‘Just got good news, I have to be in Cape Town on the 9th for the final interview and on the 10th I start with the SOB training…can’t wait…very excited and very proud…Will keep the Academy up to date with the progress.’

Milites Dei Academy owners are humbled by this letter but at the same time also very grateful and proud because that is the exactly what it wants to achieve for each and every student.

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The True Value Of Education

The True Value Of Education