Become One of a Selected Few

Be One of a Selected Few

Become One of a Selected Few

Milites Dei Academy has now opened it doors so that more people can become one of a selected few by providing more affordable courses that range from one day, two weeks to 6 weeks. This is still within the structure of military style discipline and routine. The Three Months Specialist Operative and Special Forces Ranger Courses remain the most popular, and note, accommodation and meals are included in the prices of all the courses on offer, even the one day courses. Milites Dei Academy focus on:

“Highly Trained Military Precision, Honourable and Tough Students to become Staff Overseeing their Customers’ Needs by Creating Advanced Comprehensive Security Solutions”. 

MDA takes only a few students at a time because of the exclusiveness and to assist each student to develop themselves to their ultimate best and also to assist each student to be a success after studies. The academy is almost fully booked up to January 2019. Thus, if you are success driven and have a passion for military style precision, honour and toughness, please do not hesitate…NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Registration for Second Semester is Now Open. Register to Secure Your Space. Students Must Enrol and Return the Registration Forms from Now to 15 July 2018. Thereafter it might be too late.



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