Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined

Being strong, intelligent and disciplined at Milites Dei Academy are created through the following daily military style education and training  activities:

  • PT and Gym as well as challenges such as long distances to walk, tracking and the famous “dirties”;
  • The vast number of skills and accredited qualifications that presents knowledge to students; and
  • Daily routine helps students to do everything with precision, honour and a sense of urgency.

You may ask yourself, why does Milites Dei Academy do this? The answer is quite simply, namely to give students the means to have a successful future. People that comes from a military style background are not only preferred by any industry but they are also brave and honourable.

The previous blog talks about famous and successful people that came from military style schools. Some of the reasons why these individuals are so successful is because they tend to have persistence, they never give up, they approach everything with precision, they have many solutions for challenges  and they have discipline.

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Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined Individuals

Strong, Intelligent and Disciplined Individuals

Famous People and Military Style Education

Famous People and Military Style Education

Famous People and Military Style EducationFamous People and Military Style Education

The meaning of military style education for Milites Dei Academy (MDA) is threefold, namely:

i) To up-skill those individuals that are already in the industry both private security and military by adding various civil accredited qualifications.

ii) To offer a gap year to students before they continue studies at universities with the added benefit that these students will for the rest of their life have a good military style basis.

iii) To offer an opportunity to people that always wanted action and a readiness for anything that life presents to them and note that MDA teaches students how to survive, be strong, fit, etc.

All three of the focus areas above instil precision, honour and toughness in the student and thus, this type of person will approach everything in life from that perspective. Consequently, such a person becomes a major asset for any company or organisation in any industry. Businesses have respect for individuals that comes from a military school.

Over the years, there have been many famous people who went to a military school and celebrities who went to military school did so for a variety of reasons. Some famous military school alumni went on to have successful acting careers while other famous people who went to military school are athletes. A few celebrity military school alumni even went in to politics. [Also, refer to].

Donald Trump was once a cadet at the New York Military Academy. He first entered the school at the age of 13. Owen Wilson attended the New Mexico Military Institute. JD Salinger reportedly used his time at Valley Forge Military Academy as inspiration for his book, The Catcher in the Rye. Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim attended New York Military Academy. Ward Burton graduated from Hargrave Military Academy as a first lieutenant. Conrad Hilton attended Goss Military Institute and New Mexico. In an interview, Larry Fitzgerald said:

“I was a piss-poor student in high school. Didn’t apply myself at all. Very average. Just did enough to get by. Thought I was going to be able to just slide by on good looks and charm, which didn’t work. That’s what landed me at Valley Forge Military Academy.”

In the United Kingdom, another long list of famous people attended military schools such as senior generals (Sir Archibald Nye and Gary Coward), famous musicians (Henry Lazarus), sportsmen (Maurice Colclough), many leading academic scientists (Professors Paul Shaw, Timothy Foster and Mark Gardiner) and clergymen (James Jones and Bill Ind) and a long list of decorated armed forces personnel.


Thus, way wait enrol now at Milites Dei Academy.

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Best Time To Study

Best Time To Study

This time of the year is the best time to study at Milites Dei Academy (MDA) because of the weather. The weather is ideal, not too cold and not too hot.

In addition, this is the last semester of the year.

Change your life now at this exclusive military style academy. MDA focusses on each individual to make a success of each student’s life.

Furthermore, action and excitement awaits you. You will not only test your own limits but learn and practice everyday. Most importantly, MDA is both PSIRA as well as SASSETA registered. Therefore, you can rest assure that accredited qualifications are included in your course at MDA.

The picture in this blog shows what awaits you.

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