1 May 2017 Intake

NEXT INTAKE 1 May 2017. Become Extraordinary and Part of an ELITE TEAM. Contact amareza@militesdei.com

Milites Dei Academy offers students an unique opportunity to obtain a wide set of qualifications that will help each student to have an extraordinary resume which in turn help them to get a high income job.

  • Milites Dei Academy (MDA) students already find a job after the three months basics as expert security operators, such as anti-poaching, they keep companies’ goods safe in troubled areas, and they can track the spoor of intruders. The list goes on…..
  • After the electives the student can continue in one or more of the following on goods vessels on sea, they fly drones to identify security risks, they keep VIPs and dignitaries safe, they keep tourists on ships safe, they use dogs to identify bombs and drugs, they identify evidence at crime scenes, they keep oil rigs safe and they jump out of aeroplanes to pursue criminals and I can go on and on.
You can also visit the Milites Dei Academy Facebook Page and all the various posts http://www.facebook.com/SPECIALIST.OPERATIVE
Next Intake 1 May 2017

Next Intake 1 May 2017