In die Bos In the Bush

In die Bos In the Bush

Die Ope Naweek vir Ouers en Studente gaan perfek saam met die Innibos Fees van Nelspruit (kyk ook na Terwyl jy nou die naweek in die omgewing is vir #Innibos, kom luister ‘n bietjie na wat Milides Dei vir jongmense aanbied. Ons kursusse is spesiaal geskep vir die ouderdomme (17 tot 25 jaar). Die student kan met meer as 40 sertifikate by ons klaarmaak, werkservaring kry asook plasings in die besigheidswereld. Ons is veral besorg oor die outjies wat nie met skool kom klaarmaak nie.

The Open Weekend for Parents and Students is perfectly synchronised with the Innibos Festival (also see While you are at the #Innibos Festival, join us to find out more about the courses Milites Dei offer. Our courses are specifically aimed at young people, 17 to 25 years of age. The student could finish with more than 40 certificates, work placements as well as work experience. We are focused on those guys and girls that could not finish school.

In the Bush

Innibos Festival




Open Weekend 2 and 3 July 2016

Open Weekend



10:00 Arrival and Welcome

11:00 Introduction and Orientation

12:00 Students to Bush Camp Echo

12:15 Bush Shelter Construction out of Natural Materials

15:00 Hiking and Trailing

17:00 Bush Camp Fire Setup

18:00 Braai

20:00 Videos

22:00 Camp Fire Stories


5:30 Bible

6:00 Bush Breakfast

8:00 Hiking, Trailing and Dam Swim

10:00 Bush Craft

12:00 Bush Camp Champions Ceremony

13:00 Departure

Maak ‘n Slim Lewens Skuif

Sit jy by die huis?

Is jou ouers op jou kuis?

Maak ‘n slim lewens skuif.

Kom maak jouself tuis.

Milites Dei word jou tweede huis.

Hier is oor die 40 kwalifikasies wat jy kan kom eis.

Maak 'n Slim Lewens Skuif

Maak ‘n Slim Lewens Skuif


Women as VIP Protectors

Women as VIP Protectors


Gulf News writes about women “Their sharpshooting skills and prowess in riding advanced motorbikes are what set apart the 18 female officers of the VIP Protection Unit of The Department of Protective Security and Emergency of Dubai Police from their other female peers” ( available at

Women Operative

Ladies Required as Body Guards for Women Celebrities

At Milites Dei we are also targeting young ladies to complete the training with us without losing their femininity. Imagine being a protector of a famous women movie star, princess or queen – what can be more ideal than a lady operative?

3-Dimensional Terrain Model or Sand Table

3-Dimensional Terrain Model or Sand Table

3-D Maps

3-Dimensional Maps or Sand Tables

Pinterest explains that sand tables are something not many people have heard of before. However, man has used sand tables for centuries. In the early days, sand tables have been used for educational and military purposes (available at

Sand tables have been used for military planning and war gaming for many years as a field expedient, small-scale map, and in training for military actions. In 1890 a Sand table room was built at the Royal Military College of Canada for use in teaching cadets military tactics; this replaced the old sand table room in a pre-college building, in which the weight of the sand had damaged the floor. Today, virtual and conventional sand tables are used in operations training.

At Milites Dei students participate in the making of a map of the area using a sand table. This is not only hard work but fun as well. It is the ideal way to really understand one’s surrounding areas.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem SolvingFinding a Solution to a Problem

Creative Problem Solving

In the early 2000’s, I was fortunate enough to get to know various creative problem solving experts by traveling to Britain, France and Germany. I have been practicing these steps since then.

In a recent article Jeffrey Baumgartner writes that “Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and other creative geniuses have always worked in the same way. They do not wait for creative ideas to strike them. Rather they focus on trying to solve a clearly stated, at least in their minds, problem. This approach has been formalized as Creative Problem Solving (CPS). CPS is a simple process that involves breaking down a problem to understand it, generating ideas to solve the problem and evaluating those ideas to find the most effective solutions. Highly creative people tend to follow this process in their heads, without thinking about it. Less naturally creative people simply have to learn to use this very simple process” (available at

At Milites Dei, we teach our students the process:

  1. Clarify and identify the problem
  2. Research the problem
  3. Formulate creative challenges
  4. Generate ideas
  5. Combine and evaluate the ideas
  6. Draw up an action plan
  7. Do it! (implement the ideas)

A Successful Ghillie Suit

A Successful Ghillie Suit

It is most definitely not easy to create a Ghillie Suit! In this article we feature a hand made Ghillie that turned out extremely effective. The suit was hand manufactured by Alida Meade. Alida’s suit in the photo below is an example of how such a suite looks like heavy foliage and how the person wearing it disappears behind a tree and leaves. Consequently, the idea behind it is to melt away in your surroundings.

In Call of Duty, the game (available on it is explained that the Ghillie Suites are issued to Lt. Price and Cpt. MacMillan during the missions “All Ghillied Up” and “One Shot, One Kill” in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare‘s campaign. An American Sniper team wearing Ghillie Suits also appears in the mission “Ultimatum“.

At Milites Dei students are expected to manufacture the suite so that they can blend into the bushy environment in an around the Training Head Office when engaged in nature as well as paint ball exercises as part of tactical and move tactically on foot training.

To order your Ghillie contact Alida Meade on Facebook.

Ghillie Suit

Successful Hand Made Ghillie by Alida Meade

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The U.S. military has studied leadership in depth. One of their definitions is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish a mission (U.S. Army, 1983). Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership knowledge and skills (available at

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

At Milites Dei young people are taught in military style training the theories of leadership and then guided to allow them to lead follow students so that one day when they leave to start a career they will be able to influence co-workers to accomplish goals and missions.

In brief the theories would refer to situational leadership which is according to Leigh Anthony ‘Situational leadership is a leadership style that has been developed and studied by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey. Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence. With situational leadership, it is up to the leader to change his style, not the follower to adapt to the leader’s style. In situational leadership, the style may change continually to meet the needs of others in the organization based on the situation’ (available at