Life Skills at Milites Dei

Life Skills at Milites Dei

Building a Bush Oven

Life Skills by Building a Bush Oven

Kaieteur News writes that ‘The public needs to be aware of the importance of Life Skills – programmes which would actually benefit the individual in self-development’ (available at

Christopher Cascio explains that ‘Life skills are skills a child needs to develop in order to succeed in life, but are not necessarily part of any academic course curriculum. Life skills include attributes such as honesty, perseverance, resourcefulness, patience and organization’ (available at

At Milites Dei, students participate in a variety of activities that enhances life skills. The photo above shows a bush oven that was crafted by students. When participating in this, the students need creative problem solving, team work, resourcefulness and patience to complete the task.

You Have a Future

You Have a Future

Over 40% of 18-24 yr olds in South Africa are not in formal education, nor employed, nor disabled so that they cannot work. This represents a severe loss of human potential just at the time that young people should be becoming economically active. Moreover, Statistics South Africa estimated by mid-2010 that our population size is very near to 50 million (49 991 300).  Of the 50 million more than half (52%) were estimated be younger than 25 (Judy-Marié Smith  2011 available at

The above stats are staggering and as a parent fear grabs hold of one’s heart while entertaining the thought that my child might be without an income and/or education while the years 18 to 24 should be the most exciting.

In addition, indigo children, as explained by Chorokee Billie (2016) come into this world with a unique set of challenges to overcome. Often very empathetic, sensitive, nonconformist, and resistant to the heavy hand of authority, these children can suffer in school. They need parents that can identify their behavioral patterns and recognize them for what they are: amazing gifts with unlimited spiritual potential (available at

At Milites Dei, it is our burning desire to see young people obtain a qualification while having fun, participating in games, surrounded by the beauty of nature, living out their dreams and fantasies while obtaining over 40 certificates during their study with us. We prepare those children that dropped out of school with a future.

Take note at With Milites Dei, 18-24 yr olds! You Have a Future.

Fun with Fire while Studying

Milites Dei Students Having Fun while Studying



Contact us if you need to send staff on a team-building event. BNI Phoenix White River recently joined Milites Dei for such an event. It was not only fun but productive as well. The success of a successful team-building event is that each exercise must actually contribute to staff connecting during the event which they then in return will take into the work-place afterwards. This leads to more productiveness once back at work.

Team-Building for BNI White River

Having Fun while Learning to Work as a Team