Verander jou Lewe

Verander jou Lewe

Verander jou Lewe

Mark Waldman en Andrew Newberg het ’n boek geskryf, Words can change your brain. Die skrywers meen dat wanneer jy negatiewe dinge sê of daarna luister, dit jou negatief beinvloed…dit kan jou angstiger, meer geïrriteerd en agterdogtiger maak (sien ook

Milites Dei Academy is die Elite Akademie waar jy jou lewe kan verander. As jy droom oor ‘n goeie en positiewe toekoms met genoeg geld dan klop jy nou aan die regte deur. Jy is al een wat jou lewe kan verander maar ons help jou met uitsluitlik dit terwyl jy by ons studeer. Nie net is dit militêre styl opleiding nie maar die uiteinde is dat ons jou help om ‘n werk te kry. Jy gaan nou geld uitlê vir kwalifikasies maar jy gaan dit vir die res van jou lewe oor en oor terug maak.

Ons bied vir jou meer as 25 geakkrediteerde kwalifikasies om die droom te bewaarheid asook positiewe emotionele brein briljansie.

Kyk ook na ons Facebook publikasies (kyk na almal) om te sien wat wag vir jou wanneer jy by die Elite Eenheid inskryf –

Changing your Life

Changing your Life

Changing your Life

Life Hack writes the following about Changing your Life:

“Spend some time trying to sort out what is important in your life and why is it important. What is it that you want to achieve in your life? What are your dreams? What makes your happy? Your meaning in life gives you purpose and sets the direction of how you want to live your life. Without meaning you will spend the rest of your life wandering through life aimlessly with no direction, focus, or purpose” (also read

Milites Dei Academy is the place you need to be if you like action and challenges and if you want to make a future income from this.

We offer military style teaching and learning while getting accredited qualifications.

Look at our Facebook publications (all of it) to see what awaits you when you enrol at this Elite Academy –


Rural Surveillance

Rural Surveillance

Students that study at Milites Dei Academy will, during rural surveillance, conceal themselves into an area surrounding a specific object of observation. This object could be the home of a subject, such as a farm, estate, public entry point or piece of land. The students remain hidden until they have gained relevant video or photographic evidence of the object.

The image below shows the students observing a public entry point into a conservancy area.

Urban Surveillance

Rural Surveillance

Finish with School – Join Up

Finish with School – Join Up

Milites Dei Academy’s military style education embraces structure, team work, and a solid focus on self-discipline. We focus on hard work, persistence and stamina. Added on, are various comprehensive accredited qualifications and education in the specialist security industry. Academic training and good results are primary objectives of Milites Dei Academy. The programme is not just exclusive for men either. Also, see our Facebook with numerous pictures of student activities and successes –


Finish with School - Join Up

Finish with School – Join Up


Certified VIP Course

Certified by Global Security Centre and Protect Israeli Security Solutions

Certified by Global Security Centre and Protect Israeli Security Solutions

The VIP Course will be from 4-8 July 2017 outside White River, Mpumalanga in South Africa, a collaboration between Milites Dei Academy, South Africa and Global Security Centre, Europe.

The instructors:

Ariel Kern, Jacek Witak, Slav Maslowski, and Thomas Frontczak – Profiles available on

The Equipment:

We recommend that you bring your own firearm – any pistol / 9mm in order to sharpen your skills on your own weapon. However, if this is not possible pistols will be provided.


Certified by Global Security Centre and Protect Israeli Security Solutions.

For a South African Accredited Qualification, contact Milites Dei Academy.

Content of the course:

Role and Responsibilities:

This module focuses on the role and responsibility of the close protection operative. This includes security operations, communication with the client and overseeing all logistics related to the operation. Understand the potential conflicts between operational security and the client needs.

Protective Formations:

A working knowledge of the protective formations and tactical responsibilities of each position on the protective detail such as walking formations and when working special situations. Organizing protective details.

Combat Training with a Firearm:

Familiarizing with weapons and different styles of shooting that are suitable for this type of work. The shooting style involves “finger point” aim, swift engagement techniques, working in a security detail and safety aspects. With hands-on training, you will enhance your skills and accuracy using different weapons.

Krav Maga/ Hand-to-Hand Combat/ Defensive Tactics, Restrain and Control:

Overcome an opponent fast and effective; deal with multiple attackers and weapon attacks. Develop a proactive mind set with increased awareness.

Risk Assessment and Human Behaviour (Crime Signals and Suspicious Behaviour indicators) & Through the Eyes of the Enemy:

Define the level of risk (threat, vulnerability, impact) to assess the level of security needed (security package) throughout an assignment. Understand different types of attacks.

Operational Planning, Departures and Arrivals, Briefing and Debriefing:

Learn the tools and tactics necessary to plan, pre-emptive security. This includes alternative routes, emergencies, and familiarization with locations that the client may be visiting.

Introduction to Covert and Low Profile Operations:

Aspects of “less is more” regarding appearance will be dealt with. The covert and low profile is more acceptable in today’s business environment. You will be introduced to surveillance creative techniques that can support covert executive protection operations.

Tactical Field Exercise:

Protect are world-recognized experts in human behaviour, reality based scenario training and performance under pressure. You will be tasked in planning a complex Executive daily schedule. This exercise will take place in a setup that will force you to utilize your tools in order to provide a safe and secure framework for the client in multiple locations

Course Price (will fluctuate as per pound to rand exchange):

Five (5) day course at £2500 / R42500. This includes 400 rounds of ammunition.

Seven (7) day lodging in hunting camp at £206 / R3500. This includes 3 meals per day as well as transfer from and to Kruger Mpumalanga International.

Optional Extra Two (2) Days Kruger National Park Safari – Price on Request.

Air Travel – not included.

General Synopsis:

VIP Protection is a market filled with professionals, average individuals with too little training, and far too many weekend warriors.

GSC Centre and Milites Dei Academy aim to provide training to those teams and individuals who recognize that VIP Protection is not simply an offshoot of location based security, or even from team based operations. VIP Protection is a dedicated, complex, and dynamic security discipline that has its own unique requirements. True protection professionals understand these requirements, and thrive in the dynamic environment of personnel based protection.

VIP Close Protection plays a critical role in the daily operation of government, corporate, military, and civilian organizations. As such, its impact on the ability of these organizations to perform their mandates cannot be left to chance. Global Security Centre not only recognizes this fact, it excels in being one of the leaders in training, assessing, and implementing VIP Protection for some of the world most prominent figures. Global Security Centre has been recognized as a leader in its VIP Protection skill, knowledge and professionalism.

Milites Dei Academy is an exclusive and elite military style training facility in South Africa. MDA’s facility offers learners a unique opportunity to attend courses designed and delivered by industry veterans, in a milieu that allows routine, discipline and self-actualisation. Students obtain South African accredited qualification, fitness and work placements.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact

Choose Carefully

To study is expensive, especially when you want good qualifications and possibly future employment. However, you need to make sure when you chose a training provider, that this provider will give you what they promised.

Also, cheaper is not necessarily bad, as long as the provider deliver. On the other hand, extremely expensive is also not necessarily bad. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself why would one organisation be so much more expensive than their competitors.

Be careful of providers that makes it impossible for 80% of their students to complete their qualifications (10 students will start the course with you and 2 will complete it). In some instances, some providers let you walk out with a skills that is not recognised as well as zero accredited qualifications.

In fact, students fall out and loose all the money they invested.  To add to this, you feel bad because you failed and cannot find proper employment and even more terrible, you sit with enormous debt that must be paid monthly.

Milites Dei Academy persistently train a student until he/she is competent. We deliver on all our promises.

Security Operative Education

Security Operative Education

Klaar met Skool

As jy die tiepe mens is wat hou van aksie, opwinding en fiksheid, dan is Milites Dei Akademie die plek vir jou.

Klaar met Skool

Saam met die aksie, opwinding en fiksheid kry jy ook kwalifikasies. So as jy nou nie êrens anders gaan studeer nie en as jy dalk bekommerd is om ‘n werk te hê eendag, sluit by ons aan. By ons gaan jy uitstap met al die genoemde voordele. Ons kan nie baie studente inneem nie as gevolg van die feit dat ons vir elke student ‘n werk moet kry en dit maak ons ‘n uiterse elite eenheid, daarom skryf nou in vir 2017 om te verseker jy kry wel ‘n plek by ons.




Urban Tactical Movement

Urban Tactical Movement

Urban Tactical Movement

img-20161129-wa0004 img-20161129-wa0005 img-20161130-wa0000 img-20161130-wa0001 img-20161130-wa0002 img-20161130-wa0003

Urban Tactical Movement explains that “While operating in urban areas, the major offensive collective tasks at platoon and squad level are attacking and clearing buildings. This involves isolating the objective, suppressing the threat, advancing the assault element, assaulting the building, clearing the building, and consolidating and reorganizing the force. Regardless of the type of urban area or the structural characteristics, there are six interrelated requirements for attacking a defended building:

  • Isolation of the building or objective.
  • Supporting fires.
  • Tactical movement
  • Breaching.
  • Assaulting.
  • Reorganization”.

To read more visit:

Students at Milites Dei Academy practice urban tactical movement techniques to perfection at our indoor tactical shooting facility. This prepares students for armed assailant assault in an urban environment.


No Matric No Problem

No Matric No Problem

It is a known fact that South Africa has a 24% unemployment rate. Those who drop out of school becomes part of this statistic because they have to compete with better-educated people for jobs (also see

At Milites Dei Academy those without a matric still have the chance of earning a high income. The only requirement to enter the accredited courses at Milites Dei Academy is that you need to be 17 years of age and/or older.

After completing the qualifications at Milites Dei Academy you will be able to compete with any other educated people for jobs.

No Matric No Problem

No Matric No Problem



Military Academies skryf dievolgende “Discipline provides the cornerstone for most military schools and academies. The military atmosphere instils: Structure, Responsibility, Ethics, Leadership training, Physical fitness, Respect for tradition” (sien ook

Dit is dan ook die doel van die programme by Milites Dei Akademie. Ons jongmense kry nie net geakkrediteerde kwalifikasies nie maar word ook fiks en aan die einde van die kursus word die student in werke geplaas.